50-year-old white business men don’t like techno. Black men with ?uestlove, Philly beards don’t like folk music. And Asian grandmothers definitely don’t like Dirty South rap… Right? Wrong.

This new WeSC headphones ad takes a thought provoking look at the topic of music and stereotypes. It makes you ponder the answer to a question you ask yourself every time you pull up to a stop light and glance to the right, “I wonder what that guy (or girl) is listening to?”

I think about music and stereotypes often because I was formally trained to categorize people based on age, ethnicity, income, location. Develop marketing campaigns that appeal to groups of people based on what I think I know about them. Funny how miseducation has a way of propelling a career while confusing the hell out of you. Wait, why can’t my friend’s Vietnamese granny like Weezy?

If you’re bored one day and just really need to argue, I am willing to debate music stereotypes any day of the week. Why? Because 1) I pride myself on having diverse, often random music taste. And 2) I believe that building a box around your idea of what music a person should or shouldn’t like is foolish. Ignorant even.

I have a brand new “Hello, My Name is Ignorant!” name tag for everyone who thinks Black people shouldn’t like country, electronic music or any music other than hip hop and R&B. Those who still can’t accept that white teenagers from the Midwest buy more hip hop music than any other group in America. And the ‘Too Cool for Schoolers’ who think an “educated music maven” should not like pop.

The beauty of music (and all art for that matter) is all of it, is for all of us.