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Guilty pleasures. You know. Those songs you turn up to IGNANT levels in your car to sing and/or rap along with. But among friends and family you pretend like the song is “just terrible” or “it’s alright”. We all do it. But only the brave admit their guilty pleasures. Here are a few that I know you are embarrassed to admit you like so far in 2011.

SAM SPARRO :: “You’s A Nasty”

You probably never heard this song until I released STREET CHIC :: SUMMER ’11 COLLECTION. {Which by the way, if you have not downloaded it yet, you should. Pronto.} It is one of those songs that you like but don’t want people to know you like.

Meanwhile, as you owl and plank in the privacy of your home listening to STREET CHIC, “You’s A Nasty” moves you. CLICK HERE for a FREE DOWNLOAD of STREET CHIC. I ask the brave among us to leave a comment and let me know what you think about “You’s A Nasty”.

KREAYSHAWN – “Gucci Gucci”

This is one of my favorite songs at this moment. Feel free to judge.

It is a novelty. But the beat thumps. Her attitude is so rude. I love it. And there is a rebellious teenager in you who loves it too.

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50-year-old white business men don’t like techno. Black men with ?uestlove, Philly beards don’t like folk music. And Asian grandmothers definitely don’t like Dirty South rap… Right? Wrong.

This new WeSC headphones ad takes a thought provoking look at the topic of music and stereotypes. It makes you ponder the answer to a question you ask yourself every time you pull up to a stop light and glance to the right, “I wonder what that guy (or girl) is listening to?” Read more…