DVF (my in-store music client and favorite brand) recently held its 2011/2012 Resort Collection show entitled “Wrapsody Rap.” Diane Von Furstenberg herself Tweeted about the show, ‘The set (is) inspired by a romanticized urban landscape.’

Urban landscape indeed. The set was decked out with 90’s graffiti-esque, geometrical shapes and home stereo speakers painted white that models glided around like blocks in Brooklyn. According to DVF’s reps, ‘Urban surfer, beach networker and snowboarding dreamer are what Diane and Head Designer Yvan Mispelaere had in mind for this collection.  Prints are as graphic as ever. Inspired by street culture yet romantic – a balance of hip-hop and heartfelt.’

Fashion brands have been flirting with hip hop for years, but none with the level of beauty and authenticity as DVF’s new Resort Collection. DVF retained its feminine, vivacious and effortlessly cool personality while infusing the self-assured, mischievous and playfulness of street culture.

More importantly, DVF did not take the tempting, easy road of selecting some old school hip hop classic for the Resort Collection show. It would have been much easier to pick some Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah or J.J. Fad song. Instead they found the sexy, soulful soundtrack in Larry Levan and Benji B’s remix of “Stand on the Word” by the Celestial Choir.

STREET CHIC. The phrase I am using to describe DVF’s beautiful Resort Collection. And the title I’ve chosen for my mixtape coming soon that is inspired by the music I select for iconic brands like DVF.

Check out the Resort Show and tell me… what do you think about the STREET CHIC trend?