All Rise. I would like to wish Prince Rogers Nelson a Happy 53rd Birthday. What gift do you give music royalty who has 7 Grammy’s, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, Appolonia and millions upon millions of fans around the world? I have no idea. But there are many artists who owe their sound, and some their musical existence to Prince.

You saw Purple Rain. Morris Day, The Time, Vanity 6 and Sheila E. obviously owe Prince, at the very least, an Edible Arrangement. Remember Terence Trent D’Arby? Barely, I know. But you would not have known his name at all if there was no Prince.

Here are a few other artists who owe Prince a birthday gift.




MIGUEL :: Anyone with two eyes and one ear to street has witnessed Miguel’s eccentric style and some would say feminine mannerisms. The same has been said about Prince for years, yet everyone (women especially) loves him. My advice to the young, talented musician Miguel… keep doing what you’re doing.

LENNY KRAVITZ :: Jimi Hendrix, Prince, then Lenny are heads of the Black Rockstar Class. There are VERY few artists like them. Lenny even went a got Cindy Blackman, the badass female drummer a la Sheila E. I bet if you ask Lenny if he owes Prince a birthday gift, he would agree.

D’ANGELO :: No explanation needed. Just listen.