Greetings Music Lovers!

It has been a minute since we last spoke. As always, lots of music moments have popped off. The most exciting for me was Jill Scott posting a link to THIS blog on her website homepage and my 1st Lady Gaga experience.

Coachella Music Festival was last weekend. Kanye swooped down on stage in a crane with ballerinas waiting. His show was dedicated to his mom; but he found time to diss Amber Rose which Wiz Khalifa apparently didn’t appreciate. Enough with the gossip! Back to the music…

I am officially in music festival mode which means I’m reminiscing about Bonnaroo, ACL and other amazing festival experiences I’ve had. Just so you know… I have a “hidden vault” of random videos from past music events I’ve attended. A music industry dossier of sorts. There are on-stage, backstage and after party shenanigans galore in my video vault.

Since Bonnaroo is right around the corner, I thought I would share some “never-before-seen” video I shot of Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder at last year’s festival. Yes… I braved the Tennessee sun, mud and mosquitos in the name of music. The trade off is I got to see some amazing performances up close and personal. Plus hear Stevie Wonder’s thoughts on the Tea Party. Entertaining to say the least. Here’s a full review of last year’s Bonnaroo… with link a to my Bonnaroo mixtape.

Below are the videos I shot. Tell me what you think in the Comments! Stay tuned for more exclusive video from SXSW and more.