SXSW was BEYOND eventful. There were random DJ Premier and Moby sightings and surprise Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z performances. Even an emotional, impromptu tribute to Nate Dogg, Biggie and Tupac (which I have video of). It would take 3 me’s and 2 lifetimes to experience and share all of what South By had to offer. I have TONS of photos and video’s from the weeks festivities that you must see. So without further adieu…

I am proud to announce… mahoganydaneTV… your unlimited access to exclusive SXSW videos featuring everyone from Snoop and Diddy to Steve Aoki and Aziz Ansari. Make it easy on yourself and subscribe to mahoganydaneTV so you are notified as soon as I post a new video. I plan on posting new, never-before-seen videos over the next few days.

When I run out of SXSW videos, I have a vault of never-before-seen concert footage, backstage shananigans and other random music moments that I promise will entertain you.

Enjoy the videos. Stay tuned for SXSW snapshot links.