I have not had 2 seconds in the past 5 days to even THINK about blogging. So many blog-worthy music moments have slipped by that we didn’t even get to discuss. Why? Duty calls. And my duty is Music Designer.  Which means selecting music that plays in-store, online and on the runway for fashion brands.

Just in the past 7 days I have listened about 1,000 songs finding the right music for Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Vera Wang and a few other brands that shall remain nameless.

The best news is, I live and love music. I heart music like you heart sleep. And my heart for music means I don’t get much sleep. But that’s ok because I get to handpick the music that moves you in the stores you love most. At the same time I get to gab about the Grammy’s, rant about rappers making it rain and predict Star Mangled Banners. It is a beautiful life.

If you follow my Tweets, you know that I gave Lenny Kravitz, Rihanna and Kanye’s musical contributions to the NBA All-Star Game a wink and 2 nods. While one pro league force feeds us Comfort Food, another understands that what we really want is a sick show with All of the Lights on.

Since we last chatted, did you hear that 50 Cent and Dr. Dre are beefin’ over headphones? Lil’ Kim is still beefin’ with… Lim Kim? And Radiohead is feeding their fans a healthy, beef-free diet of lovely Lotus Flowers. Never a dull moment.

So when we don’t speak via the blog for a few days, know that I miss you. And follow the Tweets. Because even when I can’t crank out a 500 word blog, I can always muster 140 characters of … something.

And if you missed Lenny rip the NBA All-Star pre-show, here it is. This is your chance to have something other than the weather to small talk about with your co-workers.