Love is in the air. Cupid is sending arrows and florists flying around the globe today. With that in mind, I have decided to only talk about what I loved at last nights Grammys… which my friend, was not much. My Tweets throughout the awards last night, tell you exactly what was on my mind during the show. Let’s just say my heart only had room for J. Hud, Rhi Rhi and Esperanza Spalding.

I have been singing Esperanza’s praises for a long time and am happy to see that Grammy voters agreed. Anyone who is familiar with her (which I’m realizing is not many people) knows that her ‘Best New Artist’ award was well deserved. She has toured with Prince. Plays almost as many instruments as he does… including the upright bass which is an instrument near and dear to me.

Artists like Esperanza and Arcade Fire rarely get exposure at the Grammy’s. Camera time is usually reserved for more “popular” artists. The ones you’ve heard a million times on the radio, who also have huge marketing machines behind them. So the fact that Esperanza and Arcade Fire won (and latter performed) says that for a moment the Grammy’s became a little less superficial.

Below is a video of E. Spalding performing at the White House. I recommend you get familiar because her Grammy win and boundless talent have set her up to be around a long time.  Simply put, the girl gets down.