Friends… am I the only one who heard that horrendous rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” before the Bears game yesterday? It was an acappella/ military march /opera-esque version of the song that just did not need to happen. I was going to look up the name of the man who sang it; but thought it would be best if I didn’t know who he is. And if I was a Bears fan, I would blame not going to Super Bowl on that guy.

The national anthem before games has become one of those traditions that either goes well or is a huge disaster. There is no middle ground. Has anyone noticed how Jennifer Hudson ALWAYS nails it!? In contrast, here are a few artists who should never sing the national anthem again.

Christina… you can can really sing. Why did you do this rendition? Xtina’s look, the drummer, all wrong.

UPDATE :: I posted this yesterday. Today I find out Xtina is singing at this year’s Super Bowl!? This will be the 1st time in NFL history that both teams lose.

Kat DeLuna, Just a little pitchy dog…

Anita… I’m not sure if you got ‘caught up in the rapture’ or what. But this is just BAD. Not Michael Jackson “Bad”. Bad meaning Bad.