KATY PERRY featuring SNOOP DOGG :: “California Girls”

In 2010, Katy Perry (aka Mrs. Brand) made it cool for girls from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach and around the globe to go berzerk when that song comes on. Even Snooki and her Guidettes fist pump for the love of Cali.

It’s one of those songs that immediately makes you think you’re haute enough to shop on Robertson Blvd., dine at The Ivy and party with Paris. Eight bars from Snoop just adds to the cool factor. Plus, did you know that Mrs. Brand is the first female artist in 11 years to have three #1 singles from the same album? That’s an accomplishment much bigger than the state of Californication.

NICKI MINAJ :: “Right Thru Me”

Ok… you may not have liked Nicki or this song in 2010. But, the eye candy in the video?! Tasty. Two words… Willy Monfret.




KANYE WEST :: “Power”

No one man should have all that power.

Especially not the guy who had the nerve to tell Sweet Swift that Queen Bey made a better video. Right?! Not so quick party people. THIS JUST IN for 2010:: IT IS OFFICIALLY OK TO LIKE KANYE WEST AGAIN! Yes, you read correctly. You no longer have to pretend you hate Kan the Louis Vuitton Don.

Now, I am aware that the President of these United States called Kanye a “jackass” for Swiftgate. But B. Rock and Ye’s big brother Jay are boys. John Legend, Common and a few other friends of Ye have performed at the White House. So in addition to turkeys on Thanksgiving, Kanye got a presidential pardon in 2010. No longer is he “the abomination of Obama’s nation.”

Now, I am also aware that George DubYa dubbed Kanye’s “George Bush doesn’t like Black people” quote as ‘the worse thing to happen during his presidency.’ But, Ye expressed contrition for this heinous act of mass corruption on Good Morning America. Soon after, G Dub accepted Ye’s Matt Lauer-induced “apology.”

By the way, My Twisted Dark Fantasy is a mutha effin’ classic! “All of the Lights” is my favorite song of 2010. “Runaway” even made its way onto Gucci’s in-store playlist. So, there you have it. Two presidents and mahoganydane agree that is ok to like Ye and to dislike him would be … un-American.

Oh… and the fact that presidents care enough to comment on Kanye proves that one man does have all that power.