WILLOW :: “Whip My Hair”

O.M.G. America! The 10 year old spawn of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Lena James from A Different World whipped her hair onto the charts proper-like in 2010. Grown ass women, men (and birds) from coast to coast were whippin’ hair back and forth to a tween’s song!

Now admit it, part of you whipped along to the song every time it came on. Another part of you felt bad for openly enjoying a song by a youngin’ who was 9 years old when the song was released. Nine!  A kid. Obviously, a cool kid with cool parents. But a kid nonetheless.

Well guess what? I loved “Whip My Hair” in 2010. And, from the looks of her recent photo shoot, we have a lot more tween fabulousness to look forward to. There’s a rumor that she is remaking her dad’s classic “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” And guess what else? Willow is going on tour with Justin Beiber in 2011. You like it. I love it. It’s ok. Let’s own it.


Here we have another prepube sensation who sang and danced his way into our lives in 2010, making every teen chick sick with “Bieber Fever.” I honestly don’t have much to say about The Bieb other than the song “Baby” was super catchy. Luda‘s guest appearance didn’t hurt. But I will personally never forgive Justin for teaching Barbara Walters how to Dougie.  That’s just not right.

CALI SWAG DISTRICT :: “Teach Me How to Dougie”

Speaking of the Dougie,  when grandmothers across America are doing a dance, (including Ms. Walters) it has gone too far! Certain dances are not meant to be performed by the elderly. MOST dances are not meant to be performed by the elderly.

That being said, me, you and every NFL baller who scored a touchdown at some point in 2010 shrugged our shoulders, ran our hands through our hair and bopped to the Dougie. It is ok to admit it. And in case you were wondering, yes, Doug E. can Dougie.